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The Provider Perspective

Are you looking for a writer who can turn medical jargon into easy-to-digest prose? A writer with great attention to detail who is deadline-oriented? Then, I invite you to join me in collaborating on your writing needs. I am a health writer and health journalist who understands how impactful writing drives user engagement for business growth. I work with editors who recognize the value of hiring a subject matter expert knowledgeable about the inner workings of healthcare and will elevate their writing needs. My years of experience in the healthcare industry inform my writing and bring valuable insight to my work.

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The Provider Perspective Writing is a freelance writing business specializing in expert health content from a nurse practitioner. My work is collaborative and individualized to each client to meet their specific needs. Whether you are looking for B2B or B2C content, I create subject matter tailored to your project’s goals, timeline, and budget. For those looking to prioritize SEO, this can be incorporated within each project to optimize traffic to your site.


Health information and news articles uniquely constructed from expertly sourced data


Communicate directly with your leads and prospects in a personal way with valuable and relvant campaigns


Draw new leads to your site with custom copy that improves your search rank and appeals to actual humans who may read the content as well


A successful blog will keep your site relevant with search ranking while attracting new prospects and clients


Establish your practice, facility, or organization as an expert source for the conditions you treat by providing consumer marketing-friendly information


One of the most user-friendly B2C formats for conveying health information in a visually appealing format

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