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Boosting Business Growth by Outsourcing Your Content Writing

Updated: Apr 16


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Whether your business is selling a product, offering a service, or if it is educational, content is king in our digital age. Written content is a valuable tool for attracting eyes to your website and giving the target audience a reason to keep coming back. With an ever-increasing number of organizations and start-ups competing for clicks, the volume of content needed for a site to rank when searched continues to rise. Many marketing teams don’t have the time or staffing to keep up with the volume required to keep drawing traffic to the site. Outsourcing content writing is a popular option to mitigate this need. There is value in outsourcing the content that goes beyond just an additional labor force. Here are six reasons you should consider outsourcing your content writing needs.



Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your website rank and requires a certain amount of expertise. Strategically placing keywords within the website will draw visitors more organically by ranking better on search engines. Freelance writers tend to be pretty savvy with SEO and can help produce content that improves the searchability of your site.  



It may seem counterintuitive that outsourcing your content writing is a cost saver when considering the price of a good freelance writer. The use of AI keeps trying to cheapen the cost of writing to literal pennies. If the expense of freelancers seems steep, you are underestimating the time writers spend mastering their crafting of words, grammar, and SEO. When comparing the cost of hiring a full-time writer to your staff versus a freelancer, consideration is given not only to salary but also benefits, paid vacation, and retirement contributions that get factored in for full-time employees. 



Whether it is budget changes or marketing goals, with a freelancer, you are only paying for the content you need. This is a considerable benefit in managing the waxing and waning of your marketing goals. Freelancers give you the flexibility of finding someone quickly instead of going through a hiring process to bring in a new employee when goals change.



You may have a great marketing team, but are they knowledgeable about the different types of content they want produced? With freelance writers and their industry-specific experience, you can choose who you hire based on the needs of each project. Finding the right expert will elevate your content quality and credibility. The Google bot will reward you when your content shows expertise, experience, and trustworthiness.



Producing a high volume of quality content is time-consuming and can become challenging to manage. Yet, posting new material frequently will help maintain the engagement of your target audience and improve SEO and traffic to your website. Utilizing freelancers will make it easier to keep your website content fresh and up-to-date. With established routines and workflows, freelancers can skillfully turn around projects quickly and efficiently.



Outsourcing your writing will up the creativity quotient of your site by adding a fresh set of eyes on projects. New minds equal new ideas and perspectives. This helps diversify your team and keep your brand fresh. You may even get a new point of view that takes your brand's story to the next level. 


When looking to capitalize on your content marketing, the value proposition of outsourcing your writing to freelancers is a cost-effective and efficient option. The opportunity to utilize the expertise of different freelancers will elevate your brand and make it more trustworthy to your target audience. Explore your options by seeking out freelancers. 

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