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Blue sky with white clouds spelling out "Hello 2024!"

At the beginning of the year, my writing coach challenged me to pick a word to guide my business in 2024. I chose Towanda! Like many others, I’ve had personal challenges in the last few years, including work, family, and my physical well-being. When I considered what I hoped to achieve for myself, I envisioned taking care of myself to weather these challenges and grow. The image that came to mind was of housewife Evelyn Couch. She was frustrated with her life and reached her last straw in a Winn Dixie parking lot. She was not taking care of her health, she felt unseen by her husband (despite greeting him wearing nothing but plastic wrap), and was lost. In that Winn Dixie parking lot, she was waiting patiently for a parking space when two young women zipped in taking the spot.

As they got out of their car laughing, they looked at her and said, “Face it, lady, we’re young and faster.” She sat there stunned for a second. Then, her face changed. She smiled and said, “Towanda.” Letting out a shrieking laugh, she floored it, repeatedly smashing her car into theirs. When the young women yelled at her to stop, she responded to their stunned looks with, “Face it, girls, I’m older and have more insurance,” and drove away smiling. That moment changed her life for the better. If you aren’t familiar with this reference, it is from Fried Green Tomatoes, written by Fannie Flagg. The movie is excellent, the book is better. Kathy Bates brought this character to life in the film, and I really relate to her right now. I, too, am ready to charge forward into 2024 with the fierce Towanda! Springing from my lips. Just without the car smashing.

My 2024 goals:

  • Grow my business at a pace that works for me

  • Work with editors who value my experience as a healthcare provider

  • Continue to promote women’s health

  • Enjoy the work I do


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