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How Nurse Practitioners Improve Healthcare Content

Updated: Mar 30

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Healthcare content is easily accessible to the average person as “Dr. Google” is the internet advisor for all things medical. As a healthcare professional, I sometimes cringe with information patients tell me they find when checking Dr. Google. However, I do not discourage patients from doing their internet research. I do recommend they use reputable sources for their information. Freelance writers from various backgrounds are writing health-related content. Yet, health information from trusted sources should start with authors knowledgeable and competent in the healthcare field. A medical professional, such as a Nurse Practitioner, should be your preferred writer for health content. Nurse Practitioners are ideal writers of health information for several reasons.


Nurse Practitioners are registered nurses with an advanced level of education that allows them to provide a higher level of care to patients. This higher level of education translates to more healthcare competence for them to expand their nursing role to primary care providers in clinics or work in specialty settings such as cardiology, orthopedics, gynecology, and neurology. In many states, Nurse Practitioners can work independently and operate their own practice.


Nurses, including Nurse Practitioners, are considered more trustworthy than any other profession, including doctors, firefighters, and teachers. Gallup polls report nursing as the most trusted profession for the last 20 years. This trust translates to readers viewing content from Nurse Practitioners as more reliable than someone without nursing credentials. Using a Nurse Practitioner to write your health content will make your site more sought after and utilized by more readers.


Throughout their years of higher education, Nurse Practitioners write about healthcare and related topics. Their training includes translating and delivering healthcare information for a broad spectrum of learners, just like your readers. Nurse Practitioners know how to research topics to find factual and up-to-date information. They can interpret studies for accuracy and relay the importance of data to your readers in a way that is easily understood.

The world of freelance writing has countless writers from all backgrounds providing content. While this may be acceptable when food blogging, a higher standard should be applied to health information. When you are looking for someone to write health content that will add value for your readers, it would be remiss to ignore the prestige Nurse Practitioners bring to the table. These providers are great resources for knowledgeable, well-written information that will distinguish your content from others. Patients look to Nurse Practitioners as sources they can rely on. Let them become the resources your readers can trust.

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