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Writing for Success

How My Client-Centric Writing Adds Value to Projects

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I write because I enjoy writing. To be successful, I cultivate an approach to the work that focuses on the client's needs and is ultimately mutually beneficial for both the client and myself. Here are four core strengths I bring with my client-centric approach.

Fewer edits

The more edits a project needs, the more time-consuming it becomes. I value editors' time by striving to submit clean copy that requires fewer edits. Because of my experience with procedures, I can spot any unrecognized omissions in step-by-step procedures and offer suggestions to correct these omissions. 

Expert SME interviews that dig a little deeper

As a nurse practitioner, I speak the same language as other medical professionals. This allows me to engage more easily with others in the healthcare field. I can relate as a peer to medical experts and ask more detailed questions that someone without a medical background would not know to ask. This detail brings more depth to my writing and reporting. 

Easy to work with 

I make it my mission to deliver what the client needs with as little stress as possible. We are all busy people who do not need more stress in our lives. I respect my client's time. I respond to emails quickly and turn in assignments on time. I appreciate all edits I receive as they strengthen my work and keep it tailored to the client's needs. I value a good working relationship that is mutually beneficial and enjoyable for both.

Exploiting the value I bring as a nurse practitioner

One of the core things nurses do is teach. We teach patients how to manage chronic health issues, such as checking their blood sugars and adjusting their insulin dosing. We help them understand the complex medical information their specialist gave them regarding a new health issue. Nurses are very good at translating health jargon, research, and perplexing health data into understandable content for the average person. As a nurse practitioner, I bring the added value of understanding the intricacies of regulatory issues, management pain points, and patient experience. Clients can exploit my value as a healthcare provider with what I bring to the writing and my title. Content authored by a nurse practitioner like myself will boost SEO on Google.

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