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How My Nursing Experience Informs My Writing Career

Updated: Mar 30

Black and white headshot of Leanna Coy in a medical office

The track for a nurse’s career can be a straight pathway, or it can be a varied one that allows for gaining knowledge and experiences. Mine has been the latter. I started at the bottom as a basic bedside nursing assistant in a hospital. I moved on to bedside nursing, then clinic nursing, before becoming a nurse practitioner, medical director, and now nurse writer. All my experiences inform my writing.

My experience as a medical director working with clinical management gives me insight into the pain points of decision-making related to clinical operations, metrics, outreach, and engagement.

From my years as a healthcare provider, I understand the importance of meeting the patients where they are and speaking to their needs and concerns. I’ve learned how to read and interpret new research and data to help inform the care I provide. I also have experience with minor procedures, both explaining them to patients in a way that is easily understood and performing them.

Add these to the strong foundation as a nurse with years of teaching patients about their health and listening to their concerns with an empathetic ear. All these experiences allow me to elevate my writing with knowledge that I would not otherwise have if I were not a nurse. This makes my writing stronger and more valuable. I am thankful for all of my experiences as they give me my own unique perspective when it comes to writing, interviewing, and work ethics.


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