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Things You Don't Know

Updated: Mar 30

A man putting on a guitar a few feet behind an old fashioned microphone

Did you know Mick Jagger sang backup?

I learned this not too long ago. It was on a song I have heard and sung along with a million times. I love this great song. But I never knew Mick Jagger sang back up.

Now that I know he is singing, I can’t un-hear it. And hearing the nuance he brings to the song elevates the lead singer’s voice. It’s just fantastic!

That is the thing about knowledge. Once you know something, you can’t un-know it. Hiring a writer is like that. You can hire any writer and will get variable results. An adequate writer will get you what you need and get the job done. But getting a writer who has the knowledge base that can provide the nuanced background to the writing, the interview, and the overall piece will make all the difference and elevate the content you are producing, whether it is B2B, B2C, ghostwriting, web content – whatever you are looking to publish. That is why nurse writers like myself are some of the best health writers. And that is why Mick Jagger was a great backup singer for Carly Simon on You’re So Vain.

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