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How Content Writers Can Help With Three of the Biggest Content Marketing Trends of 2023

Updated: Mar 30

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Conversational artificial intelligence (AI) software, like ChatGPT, Bing, and Google Bard, made a big splash this year with how they can aid with business marketing. Despite all of the press, AI is only one of the trends this year and is not even the most significant one. Here are three other major marketing trends to utilize for business growth and how content writers can make them work for you.

Short-form videos

Short-form videos have taken over social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts. Short-form videos typically last less than 60 seconds. According to HubSpot’s marketing strategy report, these videos are expected to have the most significant marketing growth in 2023. These brief videos allow consumers to take information in easily digestible and frequently entertaining pieces that hold their attention better than longer videos. The short-form videos are also easily sharable, which can rapidly expand a brand’s reach. With their heavy social media presence, these videos are a great way to reach Gen Z and millennials. The content in the videos is commonly scripted, which is where a writer comes in. Content writers can provide informative scripting that entertains while still conveying a brand’s message.

Brand values

The significance of the pandemic had many people take time to look inward at what is important to them. Numerous people completely changed their work or lifestyle based on this introspection of personal values. The most obvious sign of this is how people changed their relationship with work, with people choosing to prioritize their home life over work life in increasingly greater numbers. When a brand clearly identifies its own values, it can better use content marketing to align with its target consumers. Content writers help brands engage with consumers by promoting these values through information that resonates with the consumer.

Creating content for the human reader

AI platforms can provide assistance with content creation but are known to be unreliable with facts. These platforms need to be recognized as tools rather than creators. Remember, the primary purpose of creating content is to reach and inform real human readers and not just provide information based on analytics that optimizes a search engine. Yes, strategic search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are essential but should not be the guiding focus of the writing. Real human content writers provide the experience, expertise, authority, and trustworthiness that not only the Google bots look for but that resonate with actual human readers. You know, those target consumers. Human writers have a deeper understanding of the who, what, how, and why content is really wanted or needed by the target consumer. Having a content writer will provide the quality over quantity that will help a brand stand out.

When looking to market your brand effectively, it is essential not to get distracted by the attention of AI. Focus on the marketing strategies that will get your brand noticed and utilize the right people to help convey your brand’s message distinctly so that it stands out. Knowledgeable content writers will provide a strong voice with an empathetic tone that will engage and resonate with your consumers.

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